Best timing for traveling-Spring, summer and autumn.

Weihai in spring is an ocean of flowers, in Autumn is a season for seafood feast, in summer is the prime time for coastal tourism, and in winter is the wonderland of swans lake.


Dry-easy clothes are recommended to bring along to Weihai. Since the air in coastal city is humid, clothes are not easy to dry up.

Long-sleeve clothes are recommended to bring along, as the climate in Weihai is cool even in summer.

Swimming suit or shorts are recommended to bring along in case of getting wet when play on the beach or in the seawater.


Two types of shoes are preferable for a pleasant trip to Weihai: gym shoes for hiking or long journeys and water-proof flat sandals. The locals found that wearing comfortable and casual sandals make long walk along the seaside much easier and more comfortable.


Although the summer in Weihai is relatively cool, sun-proof lotions, sun glasses, topees or sun shades are recommended to bring along in case of getting burnt by sunshine on the beach.


Seafood is the first choice for meals when tourists come to Weihai. You might choose some clean restaurant with fresh or live seafood. In case of being unacclimatized (which is unavoidable in some tourists), some medicine should be prepared for an irritated stomach or allergy.

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Tourist Hotline: 0631-12301 (English service available)

Weihai Tourism Administration: 0631-5313343

Tourist Complaints: 0631-5315555

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