Weihai is beautifully decorated with natural sceneries of sea, islands, springs, mountains, city, beaches, bays and woods. It has comfortable climate and four distinct seasons with neither particularly harsh winter nor extremely intense heat of summer. The air is neither too dry nor too humid and it is so fresh that its annual good-quality rate almost achieves a 100% record, which is highly praised as genuinely imported fresh air.

The forest coverage of the city reaches 40.1%, and the percentage of area covered by green trees reaches nearly 50%. A walk-around in Weihai can be a realization to a world with Mountain in the Sea, Sea in the City, City in the Woods, and People Walking in the Woods.

Weihai has a 986.5 kilometer-long coastline, which accounts for 1/3 of the total of Shandong province and 1/18 of that of the whole country. There are 168 islands of different sizes, over 30 excellent harbors, more than 20 capes and numerous natural beaches. Therefore, it is considered that the well-known golden coast around Weihai is a gift from God.

With an ocean area of more than 10,000 square kilomethers, Weihai is rich in maritime resources. Within 20-meter isobath, there are a shallow water area of 223,000 hectres and a beach area of 29,800 hectres, which are suitable for aquaculture. Besides, offshore sea is rich in biological resources, including more than 300 economic species, among which there are some very famous ones such as abalones, sea-cucumbers and prawns.

Moreover, there are various mineral resources in costal and offshore area, including gold, quarz sand, granite and zircon rock, which are all very important to the national industry.

Weihai is rich in geothermal resources and endowed with numerous hot springs, for which it has been honored as Town of Hot Springs. Baoquan Hot Spring ranks No.1 in Shandong province with a tempreture as high as 74 Celsius degrees . 

Weihai has huge potential of tidal power. There stands the nation-wide noted tidal power station in Silver Beach Scenic Spot, which generate electricity from tide drops caused by flood tide and ebb.

The capacity of sea food and agricultural? products is around 1 ton per capita per year in Weihai.

Aquaculture area has been developed into 50 thousand hectares with a capacity of 1.2 million tons, among which 75% are of precious and high-quality speices, with an annual output of 30 thousand tons of sea cucumber, 3 thousand tons of abalones and 40 thousand tons of fishes, such as turbots. Half of nation-wide exported and imported sea weeds are produced here.

A chain of processing system has been formed based on the production of sea food, marine health food and marine drugs. There are more than 900 sea food processing enterprises with an annual capacity of 3 million tons, among which more than 50 products are considered brand name, such as HOMEY, TAIXIANG, SHUANGJU, and HONGYANGSHEN, and so on.