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Weihai has a 986.5 kilometer-long coastline and is surrounded by the Yellow Sea from north, east and south. The coastline is winding among bays and capes, along which there are over 30 bays, 20 capes and a variety of fine sand beaches. It is an embayed coast that is perfect for fishing.

Recommended Ways of Fishing

Shore fishing and rock fishing

Dams, wave attenuation pilings, sluice gates, harbors, piers, docks, sea crossing bridge and oil platforms are all available rock fishing spots.

More than 30 bays, capes and islands approximately amount to over one third of the coastline, among which Chu Island, Jiming Island, Liugong Island, Sushan Island and other over 100 fishing harbors and dams constitute a good place for both shore fishing and rock fishing.


Offshore boat fishing

Offshore boat fishing is now the commonest and safest way of fishing.

Breed-raft fishing, temporary breed-case and artificial sank-rock are good places for fishing.

Several hundred mu of sea-breeding equipment and over 20 artificial reefs constitute the biggest spot for offshore boat fishing.

Shoal fishing

It is a fishing option, the extension of shore fishing and common choice for beginners and amateurs.

Deep water boat fishing

Reefs and rocks emerging from the deep sea are for deep water boat fishing.

10.2.2 Recommended Spots for Fishing

Weihai North Fishing Area

From Yantai boundary in the west to Dongshan Hotel in the east, including the coastline and islands along the sea shore

Weihai Bay Fishing Area

From Dongshan Hotel in the north (the whole bay area) to Zaobu, including Xingfu Park, Weihai Park, Haishang Park and Nangang Dock

The islands and reefs along the sea shore include Liugong Island & its auxiliary islands and Huang Island.

Southeast Fishing Area in Downtown

From Zaobu in the west to Hutoujiao (west) in the south

Rongcheng Fishing Area

From the boundary of Jiangxi Town and Weihai Economic & Technological Development Zone in the east to Jinghai Bay (east) in the south

There are Chaoyang Port, Rongcheng Bay, Sanggou Bay and Shidao Bay along the sea shore. The islands and reefs include Jiming Island, Hailv Island and Sushan Island.

Rushan Fishing Area

From Langnuankou of Wendeng boundary in the west to Rushankou in the southwest

There are Silver Beach, Baishankou and Rushankou along the sea shore. The islands and reefs include Gongjia Island, Nanhuang Island, Zhu Island, Dong Xiaoqingdao and Hui Island.


It costs 2000 RMB per day for renting a boat to go fishing, which also includes the fees of a skipper and 2-4 sailors. The boat can accommodate over 10 persons at the same time.

A smaller boat costs 400-500 RMB.

The reservoir and aquafarm will charge 20-30 RMB per day.


1. Weihai is honored as North Fishing Area Without Ice Age for professional fishing lovers from north China, as Top One Fishing Spot in Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Area for professional fishing lovers from abroad, as a Happy World of Fishing for fishing experiences, as a place where to harvest real fun of fishing for fishing beginners and amateurs.

2. Long-sleeves clothes and pants are recommended to wear for go fishing on boat so as to avoid sun-burn. Anti-slipery shoes are also preferable. Food is also a must for long-time boating.

Wasabi or Korean spicy paste are recommended to take in case of enjoying freshly-made slice of fish.

3 Fishing in the open sea needs relatively better techniques and climate knowledge. Because the water is deep and waves are rapid, in which the preys are bigger, it is expensive and demanding for amateurs.

The 70 offshore water spots in Weihai are definitely well-noted deep water fishing spots in Yellow sea area.

4 Weihai is a major manufacturer of fishing gears and its auxiliary equipment of China, whose annual production amounts to half of the total production of China. Weihai is honored as World Fishing Production Factory.

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