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In spring, Likou Mountain is photographers’ favorite place, where huge scale of peach trees and pink peach blossom spread all over the hill. Either whole view or partial view is accessible, so is micro spur.

Prairies Coreopsis blossom along the Beihai coastline are just like two gold edges which set on winding mountain paths. The white Sophorae is so fragrant that can be sensed from afar. 

Kunyu Mountain is a place well-known as cherries. When flowers season comes in every mid-April, villages near to the mountain will be surrounded by blooming white cherry flowers, which look like a land of idyllic beauty.

There are hundreds of types of migratory birds and staying birds, among which seagulls, egrets, swans and kingfishers are very famous.

Spring is the season for breeding. Seagulls, in particular, can be found seeking food, breeding, reproducing and fighting on islands and shoals.

Hailv Island near Chengshantou is known as seagull kingdom of north China, which attracts photographers all over the country.

Thanks to the diversity of birds, local photographers in Weihai have the advantages, many of them won rewards in both domestic areas and abroad.

Beauty of Spring
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