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Located on the beach of Beihai, Wangjia Village, Jiangxi Town, Rongcheng, next to Huanghai Road in the south and facing the Jiming Island across the sea, the club covers an area of 1.3 hectares of sand beach and 5.3 hectares of pine tree woods. The club is with the most advanced laser warfare equipment for stimulation of military operation and whole sets of professional equipment.

The club offers tourists with CS field battle game, extension programs, fishing, sea combing, summer camping, barbeque and recreations as a comprehensive training and service center.

Price: 30 RMB/ person for a 40-minute CS round; 100 RMB/ person for extension programs; 40 RMB/ person for barbecue. Bigger discount are negotiable for bigger number of groups or more programs.

Route: Huanhai Road (direction to Chengshan)--Wangjia Village, Gangxi Town--Sea wolf CS Field Battle (sign is on the north side of Wangjia Village)


1 The exercise intensity of CS is no weaker than playing basketball under the burning sun. Therefore, taking a break after every two rounds might be a better choice for people who are not physically endurable.

2 To charge up or to crawl toward like a real soldier is always easier said than done. Therefore, it is easy to be hurt by imitating trained military men.

3 The battle usually takes place in the woods or up in hills. Therefore, look out the tree branches and avoid slipping and falling.

Hailang CS Field Battle Club
  • Classification: Outdoor Battle Field Games
  • Phone:(+86)631-(+86)631-7863288
  • Address:the beach of Beihai, Wangjia Village, Jiangxi Town, Rongcheng
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