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Unicom Cinema

It is located in No. 4 Shaonian Road of downtown area with an area of 2000 square meters and over 680 seats, which is the first five star-rated professional cinema with multiple halls in Weihai. And it is also the first cinema which has imported the most advanced digital projecting apparatus and high-end sound systems as Dolby SRD.

There are 14 video halls in the cinema (4 standard halls, 2 three-dimension halls, 1 valentine hall and 7 optional halls). They put on first-run films of China in standard halls and 3D halls, and have stocked over 1000 classic movies from domestic and foreign areas for audience to order and choose in optional halls (each hall is available for 8 audience).

Tel: 0631-5232510/5232595

Address: 50 meters west of Jiajiayue Golden Shopping Square and Huanqiu Squre, No. 4 of Shaonian Road, Weihai

Haoye Cinema

Located on the 4th floor of Haoye Shengdi Shopping Mall, it covers an area of 1,600 square meters. There are 1 three-dimension digital video hall, 5 digital video halls and 3 VIP halls with totally 393 seats and 9 screens.

Tel: 0631-5972888

Address: 50 meters south of Weihai Coach Station, No. 128 Qingdao Road (middle)

  • Classification: Performances
  • Phone:(+86)631-(+86)631-12301
  • Address:Weihai Rongcheng Wendeng Rushan
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