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Located in Yuanyao Village, Sunjiatuan Town of Huancui District, the course covers an area of 100 hectares with 18 caves and 72 standard bars. The course is surrounded by sea on three sides and natural bays, steep cliffs and valleys are all along the golf lanes.

Beautiful sea view can be seen on any lane, and the course is the only one in Asia, where each cave ends with the ocean. The azure sea water and lush forest make the golf course more challenging and enjoyable. It is believed that the course is one of the most demanding and challenging golf courses in Asia.

The club is less than 10 kilometers from downtown and within 1 hour-drive from Weihai Airport or Yantai Airport. The fees will vary according to the number of participators, the date and accommodation.


1 The exercise intensity of CS is no weaker than playing basketball under the burning sun. Therefore, taking a break after every two rounds might be a better choice for people who are not physically endurable.

2 To charge up or to crawl toward like a real soldier is always easier said than done. Therefore, it is easy to be hurt by imitating trained military men.

3 The battle usually takes place in the woods or up in hills. Therefore, look out the tree branches and avoid slipping and falling.

Kumho Asiana Golf Club
  • Classification: Play Balls
  • Phone:(+86)631-(+86)631-5264657
  • Address:Yuanyao Village, Sunjiatuan Town of Huancui District
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