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Night performances in China Town is the world’s first 360 degree walking auditorium live show of mountain and water, which is with an investment of over 300 million RMB.

The performance displays the essence of the 5000-year civilization of China by myths, folktales, daily routines and wars in the history of China, which demonstrates the profoundness, abundance and inclusiveness in Chinese culture.

The audience get to stand on big ship which can rotate, advance and retreat. The ship will rotate 360 degrees when the performance ends.

The performance is grandiose with delicately arranged stage and veritable properties: live cattle, live sheep, live dogs and live horses. What a breathtaking performance!


1 The performance is put on in China Town Scenic Spot (No. 50 Huanshan Road). It takes 20 minutes-drive from downtown, and it’s also convenient to take No. 35, 49, 50 and 58 bus.

2 Check-in will be one hour before the performance begins. It takes 15 minutes-walk from main entrance to the performing ship. Therefore, check-in will stop 20 minutes before the performance starts.

3 The performance will last for 70 minutes and random getting off the performing dock is not allowed after the show starts. Tickets prices are 188, 288 or 388 RMB.

Tickets should be booked in advance in tourism seasons.

The performance put on in the open air, when it’s not good weather, tickets can be refunded.

4 The performance put on in the open air and in the evening, more clothes are recommended to wear.

  • Classification: Performances
  • Phone:(+86)631-(+86)631-5998999
  • Address:in China Town Scenic Spot
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