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Walking in Weihai Park and sea water bathing places in summer, tourists can enjoy pleasant scenic spots everywhere.

There are many natural sea water bathing places, among which International Bathing Beach is the most famous. The sand beach, sunset, shell picking, surfing in the sea water and bikini girls are beautiful scenes which can be seen here.

Each year, large groups of foreign tourists come to Weihai for their holidays.

International Leisure Sailing Base lies in the beach, where the sailing events will be held every September. 

Weihai has variety of inland light-water lakes. In summer, the beautiful scenes of whole lake of lotus blossom (from little bud to falling flower after raining) are fascinating.

Lotus pond in Darushan Costal Holiday Resort and lotus in Lindaogou of Yanxi Town in Rongcheng City are the most famous. The primitive lake banks are good habitats for all kinds of birds, fishes, insect and weeds, which attract photographers with beautiful sceneries.

The seaside nights in Weihai is especially charming. Though not as prosperous as a metropolitan, Weihai has its own loveliness. Large green land, neonlamps and people who shelter under shade in summer form a harmonious picture.

Light tower in Yuehai Park shines softly and brightly in quiet nights.

Another appealing scenery is the kelp-harvest season from April to August. Girls who harvest kelp with colorful kerchiefs in head can be seen in coastal areas of east Rongcheng, which attract many photographers for folk custom shooting.

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