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Swan Lake is the first choice of photographers for shooting in winter.

Every winter, a large herd of graceful and noble swans from Siberia or Inner Mongolia would fly to Swan Lake of Rongcheng to spend the winter and leave in next March. Their arrival attract photographers from both domestic and abroad.

The best shooting places are Yandunjiao Village in Lidao Town and Swan Lake in Chengshan Town, where people can watch the swans closely.

The sceneries of sunrise & sunset and swans flying back and forward make many photographers and tourists too delighted to leave for home.

The swans’ photograph works of Weihai photographers won many honors in competitions all over the world.

In winter, all fishing boats dock in harbors, which are like waiting quietly for next sailing-out. Especially after snow, all boats make tourists feel like in a fairy world.

Shidao in Rongcheng has the biggest harbor in north China, which is charming with small boats dotting around.

Romance in Winter
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