Introduction of Scenic Spot

Located in the easternmost of Shandong pennisula, it streched into the sea, which greeted First Emperor of Qin in the year of 219 and 210 BC.

Chengshantou, also called as Tianjintou, is national 4 A-Level scenic spot, which is favorited as one of China Top 10 Coasts by Chinese National Geography Magazine.

The altitude is 200 meters but Chengshantou erects on the sea with sheer cliffs and steep mountain, which is the first place to greet the sun in China.

Cape of Good luck

The cape is situated in the eastmost of Chengshantou with isolated topography and knife-shaped cliffs. It is marked as High Angle on the map, called as Cape of Good Luck. The cape lies in the junction of north and south of Yellow Sea, which is the nearest from China to South Korea with only 93 nautical miles.

Emperor Temple

The temple lies on the slope of Sanshanyang of Chengshantou. It was built during the second visit to east China of First Emperor of Qin Dynasty, which is the only temple built in memory of the First Emperor of Qin.

Inside the temple there are Rizhuci, Shihuangdian, Tianhougong, the bell tower and the drama stage. The buildings were built with green collars and red tiles, the sculptures inside are dignified with golden faces and shining crowns.

The east part of temple is called Tianhougong with the sculpture of Sea Godness, who is the guardian angels of the fishermans, called as Mazu in south China.

The west part of temple is Shihuangdian, in which there are two hundred-year old ginkgo trees with two-arm round girth.


It was built in memory of Deng Shichang. Inside the temple there stands a royal momument given by the emperor of Guangxu, who praised the moral integrity of Deng Shichang and asked imperial envoy to send it to Chengshan Temple.


In 210 BC, the First Emperor built Wanghaitai in Chengshantou during his east tour. Years after Wanghaitai collapsed, the offsprings have to built Wanghaiting on the orginal site.

The overall view of Chengshantou can be seen in Wanghaiting. When you step up to the mountaintop in a foggy day, you can feel yourself in wonderland seeing all the mountains and hills in the cloud.

It is also the best place to see the sunrise. When it’s sunny in spring or summer, the sun rises from the sea and mountain with impressive glorious sight, imposing manner and tearful scenrio.

International Lighthouse & Fog Horn

The British people built a 16 meter-high lighthouse with 21 nautical miles light range in east of Chengshantou in Guangxu period (the year of 1874). It is well preseved, can work normally.

The British people built a big fog horn by the side of the lighthouse in case of not telling the directions nor seeing the light in the fog. The fog horn can honk automaticlly every two minutes with the sound spreading over 30 nautical miles away.

Chengshantou Scenic Spot
  • Best time to visit:4 Hours
  • Tel:(+86)631-7837788
  • Add:Chengshan town Rongcheng
  • Level of Scenic Spot: AAAA
  • Category of Scenic Spot: Mountain
Ticket information
Ticket: 180RMB, Children under 1.2m can enter free of charge, Children over 1.2m are full fee, seniors over 70 y.o are free of charge. Group tickets can be purchased at travel agencies for groups more than 10 people.
Transportation: Chengshan Tou is located in Rongcheng City, one hour drive from inner city of Weihai. There is shuttle bus to Chengshan Tou from the railway station, starting at 5:30am.2
Recommended route: the Temple to Emperor Qin Shihuang→Shooting Shark Terrace→International lighthouse→Fog Flute →Locking dragon Stone→ the end of earth→outlook booth→Qin Bridge→Fu Ru Dong Hai. Highlights include Locking dragon Stone, the end of earth and Qin Bridge. 3
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