Introduction of Scenic Spot

Northwest of Shidao Port, Rongcheng city, Chishan Mountain covers an area of 12.8 square kilometers. It is a national 4 A-level scenic spot and so named as the red stones of the mountain.

Mountains and seas are connected with each other in the scenic spot , 95% covered with forests. The concentration of negative oxygen ion is high that it is honored as natural oxygen bar.

The scenic spot currently consists of ten spots, including Chishan Fahua Court, Chishan Mingshen, Bliss Bodhisattva, Rongcheng Folk Museum, Zhang Baogao Biography Museum, Chishan Temple, etc.

It not only absorbs the essence of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, but also shows the condensed landscape views of mountains and seas.

It offers great view of mountains and sea, and culture of religion and pilgrimage as well as a tour of green leisure.

Bliss Bodhisattva                       

The spot of Bliss Bodhisattva combines sculptures, music, fountains, waterfalls and fireworks, which vividly interprets ancient Buddhist culture with modern high techniques.

The music fountain plaza is based on rotating Dishui Bodhisattva as main site by the backdrop of water curtains.

The fountain transforms into 18 unique water types with rhythms and Bodhisattva rotates and drips water all over the ground while the grand and breathtaking Buddhism music plays. Golden plate is cupped by Jintong and Yunv (golden boy and jade girl) who walk out of the slowly opened door to take dripping water from Bodhisattva. Four Jingang (guardian warriors) who protect the Bodhisattva spray colorful flames and eliminate the evils in the world. When Bodhisattva dances, nine golden dragons close to the pool start to squirt the water columns which create rainbows all round. Tourists in the site feel themselves lapse into the wonderland.

The whole show lasts for 15 minutes. Its novel design, enormous size, unique effects and special artistic conception are rare to see in the world.

The stone relieve on the fountain plaza is the nationwide largest stone carving wall painting which displays eight stories including how Bodhisattva rescue the suffering masses, solve problems and crisis and deliver all living creatures away from tortures.

Fahua Tower

Situated at the west of Chishan Mountain, Fahua Tower stands in the thick forests with a height of 48 meters. The tower has 7 floors with octagonal attic style in Tang Dynasty. There are several display rooms which show the culture of Tang Dynasty.

From the tower, tourists can get a panoramic view of seas and mountains.

Chishan Temple

The whole temple is built at the foot of the mountains with grand and serious architectural styles.

Yuan Ren Exhibition Hall is divided into 5 parts: Heart-Longed for Buddha, Shipping on the Miseries, Compassionate Masters, Gaining Buddhism Scriptures and Completion of the Journey.

The exhibition displays the whole process, including that Yuan Ren (who was the famous Tiantaizong monk in Japan) traveled  to China in Tang Dynasty for Buddhism Scriptures and came back to Japan and built Chishan Temple.

Daming Sacred Land

Daming Sacred Land is the largest in Chinshan Mountain scenic spot. It covers an area of 2.6 hectares, including Chishan Mingshen, Memorial Arch for Daming Sacred Land, Chessboard of Taoism Immortals, Dongfeng Sightseeing Platform, Lingtao Pavilion and other subsidiary buildings.

Sacred statue of Chishan Mingshen is 58.8 meters high. It is the largest forging bronze statue in the world and the first sea god statue in China, which is designed facing the Yellow Sea with majestic form.

Chishan Mingshen is also called Chishan Shen(Chishan God), who is awed by the world with infinite powers and can protects the local for infinite merits.

Until now, Chishan Mingshen is still worshiped by temples in Japan, South Korea and other countries to pray for the world and keep the people away from tortures.

Biography Museum of Zhang Baogao

The museum mainly displays the process that Zhang Baogo attended Wuning Army, found Chishan Fahua Temple, eradicated pirates from Silla (ancient South Korea) and obtained dominant position on the sea. It also exhibits the contribution that Zhang Baogao made to the development of sea trades.

Zhang Baogao Memorial Tower stands on the Lianhuading of Chishan Mountain. The tower is 15 meters high made of red stones from Shidao . Six Chinese characters-Zhang Baogao Memorial Tower which were inscribed by former South Korean President Kim Young Sam were inlaid on the outside of the building.                   

Zhang Baogao, from Silla (now South Korea), joined army in China in the late 8th century (the period of late Tang Dynasty), and had numerous battle achievements. Afterwards he developed trading enterprises based on Chishan Mountain, collected big fortunes and built Fahua Courtyard.

The number of monks of the temple amounted to over forty back then and generated great impacts on Shandong peninsula. In the year of 828 AD, Zhang returned to Silla and set up Silk Road which connected China, South Korea and Japan,which contributed to the prosperous economy of the East Asia.

Tianhou Palace

Situated in the center of Shidao Administrative Zone, the whole architecture is designed elegant and ingenious with rigorous layouts. In the courtyard, Tianhou Niangniang (Tianhou Goddess) holds a sacred light which is made of white jade, stares to afar with with calm face and pray for the safety of fishermen.

The palace is in three-threshold-style structure, which used to be one of largest temples in east Shandong area. When Grain Rain season (6th Chinese solar terms) comes, a grand temple fair will be held, in which Taoists and Buddhism monks come to recite the scriptures and pray to Tianhou Niangniang for favorable weather and crops harvest.

Chishan Mountain Scenic Spot
  • Best time to visit:1 Hours
  • Tel:(+86)631-7287365
  • Add:Shidao Administrative Zone, Rongcheng
  • Level of Scenic Spot: AAAA
  • Category of Scenic Spot: Mountain
Ticket information
Ticket: 135RMB for adults. Groups of more than 10 people can purchase group tickets (at concession price) from travel agencies.
Visiting time: it takes about half a day's time.1
Transportation: Driving from Weihai city is about 1.5 hours to arrive. You can also take bus from weighed bus station to skidoo administrative zone (first shift start from 5:30 in the morning), and transfer at the skidoo administrative zone (local bus takes about 10 minutes arrived at the scenic spot.)2
Tour route: Chishan mountain god sculpture→Zhang Baogao biography museum →Rongcheng folk-custom museum →Chishan fahua temple→bliss bodhisattva→Chishan temple. The biggest highlight is "bliss bodhisattva" music fountain show. Show time is 9:00 and 14:00 generally, you should check with the staff at the scenic spot. 3
Food and accommodation: there are many hotels near the scenic spot: Chishan hotel (four-star), Shidao hotel (four-star), the yellow sea hotel (three-star), Shidao tower, Shidao taoyuan hotel and etc.4
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