Introduction of Scenic Spot

It is located in the west of Weihai, facing the sea in the east, backing the mountain in the west. China Town is a national 4 A-Level scenic spot with incomparable beauty of mountain landscape, green trees and blue sea. It is an ecological holiday resort combining classic & modern style, natural beauty and advanced technology.

One picture for each step, a thousand-year history for the whole town.

In the town, you can go for a walk, admire the beauty of flowers, climb mountains, play in the water, or go through the picturesque landscape, explore and experience 5000 year-long civilization of China. Furthermore, you can also appreciate and experience acrobatics, equestrianism, dances, martial arts, all of which are Chinese traditional arts.

The omnidirectional landscape live-action performance Shenyouhuaxia (explore and experience civilization of China)is more impressive.  

No.1 Memorial Archway

It imitated ancient architectural forms of Ming and Qing Dynasty, and was structured with five rooms and six columns with 86 meters spanning in the direction of north and south and 21 meters in height. The archway looks momentum from long distance and resplendent and magnificent with carved beams and painted pillars at a closer look. The archway is also the widest archway in China and already applied for the Guinness Record.


Xiayuan displays ancient long-standing culture and civilization of commerce and trade exchanges in the reign of Yu in Xia Dynasty- the period of Chinese civilization origins by means of wax statues, situational stories, cartoons and three-dimensional visual, sound and light effects, etc.

Xiayuan artfully adopts the strong point of ancient architectures of south & north China and combines profound oriental beauty of classic architecture and modern elements of fashion designs.

China Town Amusement Park

Located in the north of China Town, China Town Amusement Park is the largest multifunctional amusement park with an area of 10 hectares.

It is equipped with children’s recreation facilities including luxurious rotating horse, challengers in the water, rotating cups, flying squads, samba balloons, bumper cars, shark island, flying elephants and adults’ recreation facilities including flume ride, windmill at high speed, spinning coaster, topple tower, drop tower, etc.

Bliss Buddha Music Fountain Plaza

It is the only dynamic landscape with three-side Avalokitesvara in China, which consists of main body of Avalokitesvara, lotus petal and four Dragon Kings.

The three-side Avalokitesvara rises slowly and the petals of lotus blossom gradually with the melodious Buddhist sound, floating mist. The foundation changes different water form to the rhythm of music. The modern high-tech technology is adopted to the water forms of lifting and spinnning. The dynamic landscape conbines sculpture, fountain, lotus in full blossom and three-side Avalokitesvara’s rising appearance and dancing postures, which use advanced technology to show the charm of mysterious  Buddhist culture.

China Town
  • Best time to visit:1 Hours
  • Tel:(+86)631-5999990
  • Add:No.1 Huaxia Road, Weihai Economic & Technological Development Zone
  • Level of Scenic Spot: AAAA
  • Category of Scenic Spot: City
Ticket information
Ticket: Adult: 98 RMB; children under 1.2m tall: free; Children between 1.2m and 1.4 m tall (including 1.4m): half price;Seniors above 70 years old (proper identification needed): free.
Visiting time: approximately half day to visit the Huaxia City.1
Transportation: HuaXia City is located in the Economic technology district, 15min drive from the inner city of Weihai. Alternative transportation include: public bus 59 and 50 from Hualian; bus 35 and 58 from railway station; 10RMB by taxi from inner city.2
Recommended route: Xia Yuan→acrobatics performance→Taiping temple→Taiping nunnery→the Dragon King temple→ three-dimensional kwan-yin Music fountain→martial art performance→horsemanship performance. Please take note of the time for each performance in case you miss any highlight of the show. 3
Food and Accommodation: HuaXia Club can accommodate 2,000 people for their dining requirement. It has 1,500 beds and would be very convenient for people who stays to watch <> in the evening.4
Nearby attraction sites: Xiangu Nunnery, Ocean Park and etc.5
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