Introduction of Scenic Spot

Situated at southern part of Weihai downtown, Weihai Park is 3218.6 meters long, 144.3 meters wide on average with an area of 46.5 hectares. Tall trees match with landscape bushes in the park, which is in well-proportioned structural arrangements.

Ecological communities matches with blue seas.

A set of sculptures stand in the shades of trees, which displays uniqueness and interests. The park is just like a beautiful painting scroll, in which tourist feel touched by the natural sceneries.

Haiya Scenic Spot

This area is built for children, which consists of Haiya theme sculpture, fountain, sandpit, playground, padding pool, botanic maze, and etc..

The theme sculpture Ke (meaning seashell) is 6 meters high, which expresses strong sense of life and vibrant spirit by different shapes of shells.

In addition, 6 more sets of opusculum sculptures including Taihaidai, Qi’e, Datuoluo, Hailuo, all of which are fun for children.

Hailian Scenic Spot

Lying on the south of Haiya Scenic Spot, Hailian Scenic Spot is built with the themed sculpture Tongxinjie (Chinese knot), which is 4 meters high with a shape of two love hearts.

There are a lot of chairs in the woods. And all the chairs are seperated in dim lights at night, which are suitable for lovers to go.

Haihun Scenic Spot (Zhongxin Culture Square)

Situated at the center of the park, Haihun Scenic Spot is the largest in the park with a grand sculpture Haidesongge (meaning ode of the sea.

In the south of the Zhongxin Square, fossilized tree area covers 3,550 square meters and more than 100 fossilized trees which have hundreds of millions of years’ history.

Haisong Scenic Spot

Situated at the south of Zhongxin Culture Square, the construction of this area is like shape of waves, which seems that the sea is singing.

Sculpture Huazhonghua (meaning painting inside the painting) is the sculpture which displays pictures in the pictures with ingenious design. It offers a good place for taking photoes.

Haihui Scenic Spot

Haihui Scenic Spot is lying on the southernmost point of the park, which consists of 5 well-ranged circular squares, sculptures with abstract geometrical figures and modern styles.

Among which, four squares are respectively modeled as an observatory for marine exploitation, a compass, a modern navigable compass and a marine atlas. All models show the wisdoms of human marine exploitation.

Weihai Park
  • Best time to visit:1 Hours
  • Tel:(+86)631-0631-12301
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  • Level of Scenic Spot: AAAA
  • Category of Scenic Spot: City
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