Introduction of Scenic Spot

Situated at eastern coast of Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone, connecting with Yuehai Park in the north, aligned with seas in the east, the planning area of Haishang Park is 217 hectares, among which the area of forests amounts to 97 hectares, the beach amounts to 60 hectares and water area amounts to 60 hectares.

Haishang Park is built with Chinese Jiangnan Watery region features and littoral landscape of Japan and South Korea. The park is themed by marine culture, ecological sightseeing and tourism.

Fitness areas are discretely distributed in the woods and lawn. The path winds through grass and flowers, which all are idyllic sceneries.

The park is equipped with subsided square for tourists’ recreation and children’s playgrounds.

Chuangyemen in European style is backed by the sea with ingenious designs and grand momentums. The pavements in the middle are covered with pebbles, which enrich seaside features.

Diaoyu Island

Jiulong Lake in the park is built in gardening styles of South Korea and Japan. An viewing pavilion on the island of the lake center is built with national characteristic. 130-meter-long stone bridge connects the eastern and western coasts. On the estuary of eastern part of the lake, a drawbridge and its levee is equipped with 140-meter-long corridors.

The beautiful landscape of arch bridges and flowing water with waves rippling make tourists feel themselves in Jiangnan watery places.

Qishi Garden

Qishi Garden covers 2 hectares and combines recreation, entertainment and sightseeing in one garden. There are five scenic spots, including artificial hill & stone area, fish-viewing lake zone, central activities zone, culture & sports zone and ancient fossils area. The garden is also equipped with stone arch bridge with carved white marbles in Han Dynasty, 8-meter-high artificial hills and lake stones, a fishpond with fancy corps and a wading pool for children to play with water.

On the west of square, there are 43 dendrolite formed 1,500 million years ago. All sorts of 80 picturesque rocks are collected here and all are the best among the stones.

Haishang Park
  • Best time to visit:2 Hours
  • Tel:(+86)631-0631-12301
  • Add:eastern coast of Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone
  • Level of Scenic Spot: AAAA
  • Category of Scenic Spot: City
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