Introduction of Scenic Spot

Situated in the downtown of Weihai, the park lies beside the mountains in the west and facing the sea in the east. When stepping upstairs, you can overview the vast and blue sea and landscape full of green trees. Therefore, it got its name Huancui (literally surrounded by the green trees and blue sea).

The statue of national hero Deng Shichang, lies in the square of the east of the park, which is not only a famous attraction in Weihai but also a good place for citizens to take a rest or exercises.

Huancuilou (pavilion) has a long history, which was originally built in the second year of the reign of Emperor Hongzhi in Ming Dynasty (the year of 1489). In 2009, Weihai government invested 575 million Yuan for the restruction project of Huancuilou Park.

The architectural style of Huancuilou (pavilion)’s main part is the Ming & Qing style. The building is as grand, elegant and generous as to extend historical culture of Weihai, which therefore becomes the landmark of the city.

Miniascape Garden

It is a multifunctional cultural park which combines minisascape and gardening arts. It is called as the park of Huancuilou Park. With archaizing buildings and small garden ornaments dividing space, the garden forms a splendid landscape in which numerous small landscapes match with buildings, water and mountains.

Place for Entertainment & Fitness

With the subject of fairy tale or folklore, the place was built on the hills. It is the fairyland for teenagers combining the functions of participatory, ornamental, recreational and enjoyment which fit right into the whole park.

Huancui Academy

Built on the hills with layers folding, Huancui Academy is well-proportioned. Shaded in the trees, embellished with pavilions and up-and-down gables, the courtyards of lute-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting are combined with natural landscapes, which comprise vivid images with harmonization.

Folk Custom Street

Characterized by customs, Folk Custom Street is a commercial district with folk culture of Weihai local characteristics. It has folk culture square and drama stage.

When shopping, the tourists can also have a great favor of Jiaodong Culture, including folk-custom experiences, accommodations and caterings and traditional sports events, etc. 

Nature Experience Area

It is in the south of the park and covered by dense plants. Nature Experience Area is installed with wooden foot plank, log cabin and fitness equipment based on natural forest facilities.

The area also has a forest farm, within which a natural space is offered for citizens to intimately contact with little animals. 

Huancuilou Park
  • Best time to visit:1 Hours
  • Tel:(+86)631-5204328
  • Add:No.13-7 Gongyuan Road, Huancui District, Weihai
  • Level of Scenic Spot:
  • Category of Scenic Spot: City
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