Sea food

Convenient instant marine products are getting more and more popular.

There are all kinds of marine products, including instant sea cucumbers, shrimp hamburgers, fried shrimp pancakes, instant shrimps, roasted shrimps, fish sashimi, smoked scallops, smoked mussels, smoked oysters, smoked squid heads, instant jellyfish, kelp shreds, crystallized meat ravioli and other raviolis, all of which are popular in market.


1. All products mentioned above can be found in supermarkets or department stores. Marine products wholesale market is a good shopping place with diverse stock, reasonable price and quick & free wrappings.

2. Beifang Aquatic Products Market of Shidao is the best place for wholesale of marine products and dry sea food. The market is close to the biggest fishing port in north China-Shidao Port. There are variety of sea products which are available to choose.

3. The president of Qingwei Aquatic Products Company-the good man Mr. Yang Zhengquan, which is known for his quality-guaranteed products.

Shuangju Sea cucumber is famous-brand product in Weihai.

Marine Times Shopping Mall is abundant in aquatic products and it’s just along the way to Chengshantou and Swan Lake in Rongcheng.

Instant Marine Products
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Instant Marine Products

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