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China Town scenic spot is a national 4 A-Level tourist resort with multi-functions of leisure & entertainment, site seeing, shopping and living.

It was designed of Dongfang Cultural Area, Huaxia Fairground, Huangjing Town, Regimen Area, Xanadu, Sport Area, Adventure Area, VIP zone, Folk-custom Area.

Tourists can have the chance to experience the world’s first 360 degree walking auditorium and enjoy the magnificent live show ShenYouHuaXia directed by Zhao An.

Main spots: No.1 Memorial Archway, Xiayuan, Bliss Buddha Music Fountain, Taiping Temple

Tel: 0631-5998999

Opening hours: 7:00 AM-6:00 PM

Ticket: 60 RMB. Tickets for children under 1.2m and for seniors aged above 70 (70 included) is free, tickets for children between 1.2~1.4m is half price.

Transportation: since the spot is located in Weihai Economic & Technology Development Zone, it will only take 15 minute-drive from downtown to China Town. The alternative transportation choices are No. 49 or 50 bus or 10 yuan-taxi.

Tour time: half day for a round tour

Recommended route: Xiayuan--Acrobatic performance--Taiping Temple--Taiping Monastery--Dragon King Temple-- Bliss Buddha Music Fountain Plaza--Wushu performance--Equestrianism performance

In case of not missing any wonderful performance, please check out all the timing.

Food and accommodation: Huaxia Huiguan can accommodate 2,000 people for their dining requirement. It has 1,500 beds and would be very convenient for people who stays to watch Shenyouhuaxia in the evening.

Nearby sites: Xianguding, Ocean park, etc.

Through the ancient and modern-China Town Scenic Spot
  • Best time to visit:
  • Subject Classification: Religion and Culture、
  • Classification: Red Classic Tour
  • Agencies:Weihai Heshun Travel Agency Co. Ltd.
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