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Located at the easternmost tip of the Shandong peninsula, it is a national 4 A-Level scenic spot, which is believed as the place where people welcome the sunrise earliest in the world. First Emperor of Qin Dynasty came here twice to worship the Sun God and he believed that here is the end of the earth. Therefore, Chengshantou is also known as Cape of Good Luck.

Main spots: Cape of Good Luck, Emperor Temple, Shejiaotai, Relics of Qinqiao, Suolongshi, Furudonghai-Culture Themed Park

Tel: 0631-783488

Opening hours: 7:00 AM-6:00 PM

Ticket: 150 RMB. Tickets for children under 1.2m and for seniors aged above 70 (70 included) is free. Group ticket for over 10 people can be purchased from travel agencies.

Transportation: it is one hour drive from Weihai downtown to Chengshantou, as it is located in Rongcheng city. It is also convenient to take direct bus from Weihai (the earliest bus operates from 5:30 AM).

Tour time: half day

Recommended route: Emperor Temple--Shejiaotai-- International Lighthouse--Fog Horn—Suolongshi--Cape of Good Luck--Wanghaiting--Relics of Qinqiao—Furudonghai

Food and accommodation: Boxia Villa, which is near to the scenic spot provides many choices for food, rooms and entertainment. Fisherman experience Hotel, which is located near the coastline of Hekou village, Chengshan town of Rongcheng city, is famous for their seafood and sea weed house. Or you can stay in the fisherman’s house to have an inside outlook of their daily life.

Nearby sites: Shendiao Mountain Wild Animal Park, Hailv Island, Motianling Scenic Spot; or tourists can go to local villages such as Li village, Hekou village and Xixiakou village to experience the daily life of fishermen in China. There are camping sites available in Jiming Island.

End of heaven-Chengshantou Scenic Spot
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  • Agencies:Weihai Heshun Travel Agency Co. Ltd.
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