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It is a national 4 A-Level scenic spot, which is located in the south of Chishan Mountain of Rongcheng city and also witness the friendship among Chinese, Japanese and Korean peoples.

Main spots: Chishan Fahua Court, Bliss Bodhisattva, Rongcheng Folk Museum, Zhang Baogao Biography Museum, Chishan Mingshen, etc.

Tel: 0631-7326666

Opening hours: 7:30 AM-5:30 PM during summer

7:30 AM-4:30 PM during winter

Ticket: 135 RMB. Group ticket for over 10 people can be purchased from travel agencies.

Transportation: it only takes 1.5 hour-drive from Weihai Bus Station to Shidao Administrative Zone (first shift start from 5:30 AM), and takes about 10 minute-drive after transferring in Shidao.

Tour time: half day

Recommended route: Chishan Mingshen--Zhang Baogao Biography Museum--Rongcheng Folk Museum--Bliss Bodhisattva-- Chishan Fahua Court

The hotspot is the music fountain plaza of Bliss Bodhisattva. It will be put on show at 9:00 AM & 2:00 PM.

Food and accommodation: there are many hotels near the scenic spot: Chishan Hotel (four-star), Shidao Hotel (four-star), Huanghai Hotel (three-star), Shidao Mansion, Shidao Taoyuan Hotel, etc.

Nearby sites: featured fishing villages including Hua villages, the biggest fishing port in North China- Shidaogang Port, Shidao Taoyuan-a good place to experience fishing folk.

Wonderful View of Sea & Mountain-Chishan Mountain Scenic Spot
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  • Subject Classification: Seaside resort、Fishing experience、Religion and Culture、
  • Classification: Theme scenic tour
  • Agencies:Weihai Heshun Travel Agency Co. Ltd.
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