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Darushan Coastal Holiday Resort is a national 4 A-Level scenic spot, which is located in Haiyangsuo Town of Rushan city and a comprehensive resort combining tourism, leisure activities, entertainments and health maintenance.

Main spots: Fuyun Tianlai, Hehe Double Happiness View, Themed Sculpture-Run, Haitian Health Park, Shengmu Mountain

Tel: 0631-6753982

Opening hours: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Ticket: 80 RMB. Tickets for children under 1.3m and for seniors aged above 65 (65 included) is free. Group ticket for over 10 people can be purchased from travel agencies.

Transportation: it takes about 1.5 hour-drive from Weihai. Tourists can also take bus from Weihai Bus Station (the earliest bus operates at 5:30 AM) directly to Rushan and 10 minute-bus after transferring to the local bus.

Tour time: best for spend holidays here. For sightseeing, it only takes 2 or 3 hours.

Recommended route: Fuyun Tianlai--Hehe Double Happiness View--Themed Sculpture-Run--colored-glass Twin Tower--Crystal Love Scenic Spot--Haitian Health Park--Shengmu Mountain

Food and accommodation: recommended hotels near the scenic spot: Yizhong Rushan Seaview Hotel, Rushan International Hotel (four-star), Rushan Champs-elysees Hotel, Rushan Silver Beach Hotel (three-star); recommended featured living places: Mongolian yurt Camp and small cabin inside the spot (please book room in advance during the peak time).

Nearby sites: Silver Beach Holiday Resort

Maternal Love- Darushan Coastal Holiday Resort
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  • Subject Classification: Seaside resort、Religion and Culture、
  • Classification: Theme scenic tour
  • Agencies:Weihai Heshun Travel Agency Co. Ltd.
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