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Around 20th April of the solar calendar is Grain Rain of the 24 solar terms, on which the fishermen in Weihai worship the sea.

This activity has a long history and was listed in the second batch of national cultural heritage in June of 2008.

On the day of the grand ceremony, fishermen go to nearby Dragon King Temple early in the morning to fire firecrackers and to put the ritual items into the temple praying for peace and harvest.

The ritual items include whole pigs, whole sheep and one large bun huge enough to be steamed in a big steamer.

The ritual items are thrown into the sea after the ceremony for praying for safety when go out for fishing and harvest. This ceremony are kept in the same way as in the Zhou Dynasty.

Villages that hold this ceremony include Jingzi village in Huancui District, Yuankuang village, Jinghaiwei village, Zhukou village, Shakou village, Matou village, Jiekou village and Dayudao village in Rongcheng.

Most of these villages are located near to the sea, which do not own any farming land. People earn their lives by fishing for generations.

The ceremony of sacrifice to the sea is a significant part of a fisherman’s life. Nowadays, this traditional event has become one of the important local festivals. During the festival, a variety of cultural activities and economic activities are held.

Tips: 1.Each Villages varies slightly on timing or customs of the ceremony, tourists should learn about the details in advance. 2. Worshiping ceremony are mainly distributed in the villages of southern coast of Rongcheng. It is about 1.5 hour drive from Weihai downtown to there.

Fishermen’s Sacrifice to the Sea
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