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Rongcheng is an old revolutionary base, and the birth of heroes have brought glory to the place. Since the 1930s, 51 thousand people have joined the army. There were 6577 people who died for the sake of the country and 140 who got General or above official posts in the army, including 3 generals, 9 lieutenant generals and 31 major generals.

Rongcheng is honored as General City, which is the third in China.

In memory of the heroes, Monument Aisle for General Weide with 268 meter-long of 3128 square meters and its exhibition hall in the Shengshui Temple Scenic Spot.

It is carved with more than 140 generals’ handwritings, resumes, and their stories from Rongcheng on Weide Monument Aisle.

The Aisle was built down the hillside with green stones on the stairs, green tiles on the roof and two rows of red pillars on both sides. It is a patriotism education and national defense education base in Shandong Province.

Telephone number: 0631—7636666

Tips: the Monument Aisle is a part of Shengshui Temple Scenic Spot, the entrance fee is 50 RMB. It takes 1 hour-drive from Weihai downtown and 1.5 hours for the round tour for the aisle.

Rongcheng Monument Aisle for General Weide
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