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China has the most number of hot springs in the world with the oldest history. Most hot springs at Weihai is located outside the city in the beautiful, elegant environment. They are leisure resort with SPA services, providing a variety of hot springs, swimming pool and SPA. You can also enjoy different characteristics of holiday accommodation, catering and other services.

Hot springs in downtown area is convenient in terms of transportation. They provide perfect facilities for SPA, sweat evaporate, Chinese massage, hairdressing and other additional services.

Recommended places

Tianmu hot spring resort

Price: RMB 158/person;60RMB for children between 1 ~ 1.3 meters,; Children below 0.9 meters is for free


Tangbo hot spring resort

Price: RMB 158/person;60RMB for children between 1 ~ 1.4 meters,; Children below 1 meter is for free; one adult can only bring two children for free.


Useful tips:

1. We recommend you start from moderate water temperature, don't soak in hot water for more than 10 minutes

2. The high temperature in the hot spring may cause sweating, dry mouth and chest discomfort. These are normal responses to the increased blood circulation. You are advised to
change to cooler water pool or go rest.

3.People with heart disease or high blood pressure should not go to hot springs alone. If you are not feeling well, you should go rest immediately

4. You should not go into hot spring without eating beforehand. On an empty stomach, you may feel fatigue. You should take a little rest/nap after a meal .Don't immediately go hot spring after a long tired journey.

Hot spring experience tour
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