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Strawberry picking

Recommended place: local farms at Liubu town ,Rongcheng city, Gangxi town, Lingang district Gushan town dakuan village.

Garden size: around 150 hectares

Best picking time: April 10 ~ 30

Pricing: tickets are about 15RMB

Drive route: Weihai city government →HaiBin road- >Guanhai road→arrive at picking garden (about 40 minutes)

Attractions nearby: Weihai city huaxia scenic spot, "the sea-wolf" CS field club

Dining arrangement: almost every peasant can offer farmhouse meal. The lowest standard is 20 RMB/person/meal.10 people on 1 table, a standard meal set include eight dishes and one soup, the local residences favors main dish such like big vegetable dumplings, steam buns and etc

Useful tips

1.big strawberry fruit with small leaf are normally sweet; small strawberry fruit with big leaf are normally sour

2.It’s best to go picking in the morning. Because the temperature inside the shed about 7 ~ 8 ℃ higher than the outside, it will be very hot in the afternoon. Wear layers of cloths for children so that it’s easy to take off when temperature
changes. Picking gardens are usually located in suburb, once you go out of the tent, the wind may be very strong which is very easily for children to catch cold.

3.Strawberry is high in vitamin and lots of other nutrition. However, , if eat too much at a time it may cause discomfort in your stomach

4. You better prepare shoe covers in advance as there will be dirt on field ridge and greenhouse. Take small scissors with you can save a lot of energy, otherwise it’s hard to handle the strength and you may snap other strawberries very easily.

Route: normal travel routine arrangement are strawberry picking and Huaxia city Tours.

Link: get together at Weihai, arrive at the strawberry fields, spend for 2 hours or so at the garden before having lunch in the
farmyard; In the afternoon, head to Huaxia city for the beautiful scenes there.

Price: RMB 100 / person, including air conditioning shuttle, strawberry park tickets fee and Huaxia city ticket, farmhouse meal (20 RMB/person), the tour guide service and travel agency liability insurance

Cherry picking

Recommended place: farmers near the town of Jieshi, Wendeng

Size: around seven hectares

Picking time: small cherry are best during May 15 ~ 30; Large cherry are the best during June 10 ~ 20 large cherry. If the temperature is lower in spring, cherry mature time will be
delayed a few days.

Price: little cherry picking fee is generally 10RMB ;Large cherry in general is 20RMB.

Drive route: Weihai city government - ShiChang avenue - Wendeng direction - Jieshi - arrive picking garden (about 50 minutes drive).

Nearby attractions: KunYu hill Wuran temple scenic area

Dining arrangement: most peasant can offer farmhouse meal. The lowest standard is 20 RMB/person/meal.10 people on 1 table, a standard meal set include eight dishes and one soup, the main dishes are local characteristic flavors.

Useful tips

1.Cherry trees are hard to grow. The cherry tree is thin, broken branches generally need five years to recover, so attention should be paid to protect trees, don't pull hard on branches. The correct way is to seize the cherry at the bottom of the stem, gently pull down .It may be slower this way but it will not damage fruit trees and cherry. never catch a few cherry at one time, it will damage the tree, branches and germ.

2.Cherry can be picked with or without the stem. Cherries with stem can be stored for longer.

3. There are two classes of cherries, small cherry is small in size and mature early with a fragrant taste ;Large cherry is large, mature

Link: travel routine arrangement: cherry picking, Wuran temple day tour.

Line: get together at Weihai, sing all the way to the cherry orchard, spend 2 hours or so picking, have lunch in the farmyard;afternoon trip is to Wuran temple scenic area, and then with a happy mood, carrying the cherries you picked head back to Weihai city

Price: 100RMB / person; Including air conditioning shuttle, cherry garden ticket fees and Wuran temple scenic spot admission fee, farmhouse meal (20RMB/person), the tour guide service, travel agency liability insurance.

Fig picking

Recommended place

Farmland near Gangxi Town in Rongcheng or Weihai eco-development district

Garden size: about 230 hectares, seven hectares

Picking time: spring fruit at the end of July, autumn fruit at the end of September.

Price: admission fee is normally 10 RMB.

Self-drive route:

1. The government of Weihai →Qingdao road→Haopo→Qilu road →302 provincial highway →Poyu→ arrive at the Gangxi Town picking garden (about 50 minutes drive).
2. The government of Weihai →Qingdao road→arrive at the eco-development region picked garden (about 30 minutes'

Nearby attractions: Tangbo hot springs, Xiangu ding scenic spots

Dining arrangement: eat farmhouse meal in the local residence house, or head back to downtown for dinner

Useful tips

1. Figs are native to the Mediterranean region and southwest Asia, it was introduced to China in the tang dynasty. Cultivation of fig is common in Weihai with big fruit of high quality. Weihai FIG has been registered as the" national geographical indication products. The whole growth period of fig is chemical fertilizers or pesticides free-a real pure green food.

2. Protect your clothes while picking figs, probably with a
cuff and gloves. If the white fluid on the FIG stalk get on your garment, it is difficult to wash out

Fig is not resistant to storage, it will go bad after one or two days once they are off the tree. It’s a better idea to bring Fig products, such as fig sauce and fig fruit wine as a souvenir.

Select those with red top and white cracks on the fruit body. These figs are fully mature and taste more sweet and delicious.

Link: travel routine arrangement: fig picking, Xiangu nun temple day trip.

Line: get together in the city and arrive at the picking garden after 2 hours drive. After lunch at the farmland, head to the Xiangu nun temple for the afternoon, and then return to Weihai city.

Price: RMB 100 / person, including air conditioning shuttle, figs garden entering fees and Xiangu nun temple admission fee, farmhouse meal (20RMB/person), the tour guide service, travel agency liability insurance.

Fruit and vegetable picking

Recommended sites: Happy farm at Wenquan town,Huancui district The size of the garden: 30 hectares. Picking time: spring, summer and autumn price: free in charge to enter the garden, fruits and vegetables are sold at market prices. Drive route: the government of Weihai→ Qingdao road →
Wenquan town,→arrive in the happy farm (about 30 minutes' drive).

Nearby attractions: Wenquan hot spring, climb Zhengqi mountain, experience Huaxia city, Xiangu nun temple scenic spot

Dining arrangement: eat farmhouse meal in the local residence house, or head back to downtown for dinner

Useful tips

1. Happy farm is located in Zoujia town, Wenquan, Huancui

2. Happy farm is run by Weihai Haiquan Vegetable cooperatives. This company is a collection of leisure tourism, green agricultural planting, processing and sales, and livestock breeding, agricultural product quality safety demonstration,
promotion, and other functions as one of the high-tech, pollution-free agricultural ecological sightseeing park.

3. Happy farm leisure tourism projects have a karaoke barbecue square, fishing field, lawn volleyball court, children's water gun playground, open-air cafes, green restaurant, folk music experience pavilion, livestock farms. Domestic animal parks and etc.

4. The farm’s main products are Chinese cabbage, radish, green Chinese onion, leek, pepper, eggplant, tomatoes, and corn, peanuts, canopy, sweet potato, soybean and a variety of fruits, etc., in addition to cherry, figs, strawberries, little persimmon, cucumbers and other vegetables and fruits from picking garden park.
5. Inside the happy farm, there is a happy garden, which can be rent by citizens and managed by the farm owner.

Grape picking
Recommend site: Wangtuan town and Gushan town at Weihai industrial district
Garden size: 233 hectares Picking time: 9 ~ 11 months Price: 10 RMB
Drive route: Weihai city government →culture road → Chuzhang road→Wangtuan town Nearby attractions: visit MAO zedong badge collection museum, climb Zhengqi mountain . Dining arrangement: eat farmhouse meal in the local farmhouse or return to the city.

Major picking garden contact details: 1. Wei hao winery, location: WangTuan town north, at the west side of the new Chuzhang Road, contact phone number: 13906304475. 2. Daming vineyards, location: at the west of the old Chuzhang road, north of the Diwentou village, south of Hangshang village, contact phone number: 13606301566. 3. ZhuguYing vineyards, location: north of Zhujiaying village and Wangyang Xian road, contact phone number: 13869075538. 4. Hangzhou port vineyards, location: west of jiangsu xi road , Sanghang Fu village, contact phone number: 13963129635.
5. Mountain vineyards, location: Shan town, xiaohuang village, contact phone number: 13963110399.

Watermelon picking
Recommended sites Shanmayu village,Gushan town, Lingang district
Garden size: 100 hectares Picking time: June 10 to July 10 Picking price: free in charge to enter the garden, watermelon are sold at market prices Drive route: Weihai city government → culture road,→Chuzhang road→Yingbin avenue →Shanmaliu→Shanmayu Nearby attractions: fishing, site seeing at Huang Lan flowers and
trees. Dining arrangement: eat farmhouse meal at Yumashan Villa or back to the city to eat

Useful tips: 1. Shanmayu watermelon has more than 100 years of cultivation history. In 1998, the Shanyuma watermelon was successfully registered in state administration for industry and commerce ", Shanyuma"brand trademark. 2. After many years of exploration and practice, the local farmers has explored a continuous cropping watermelon planting method, formulated with organic fertilizer, the watermelon produced here is ecological pollution-free with sweet and red flesh. 3. Picking varieties include Jinxin and huaxi, you can ask the farmers' guidance during picking .

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