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Mao Zedong badge collection
It is located in the west of Economy zone, it is a National AAA level scenic spots. The construction area is 48000 square meters and with 400 million investments. At present it collects more than 150 pieces different badges, about 120 tons in different periods. It was called the best in the world and the pioneer of China.

Meanwhile, it also collects more than 100 thousand military badges, posters and revolution books since 1911 Revolution.
Telephone number: 0631—3589999.
Tips: The entrance fee is 20 Yuan. Half an hour drive from downtown Weihai, and it will take 3 hours to visit the collection.

6.4.2 Rongcheng General Weide Monument Aisle
Rongcheng is an old revolutionary base area, the birth of heroes have brought glory to the place. Since the 1930s, 51000 people have joined the army, and 6577 people died for the sake of the country, including 140 military cadres, and 3 generals, 9 major generals and 31 lieutenant general.
Rongcheng is also called “General City” which is the third “General City” in China.

Rongcheng has built a 268 length and 3128 square meters Weide Monument Aisle and General exhibition hall in the Holy Water View in memory of the heroes.
It is carved more than 140 Rongcheng’s generals handwritings, resumes, and their stories on Wei de Monument Aisle.

The Aisle is built along the mountain, green stones located on the stairs and green tiles on the roof, two rows of andalusite corridor are on the two sides of the Aisle. It is a patriotism education and national defense education base in Shandong Province.
Telephone number: 0631—7636666
Tips: the Monument Aisle is a part of Holy Water View, the entrance fee is 50 Yuan. About one hour drive from downtown Weihai, and it will take one and a half hours to visit the collection.

6.4.3 Tianfu Mountain Revolutionary Uprising Memorial Hall
During the anti-Japanese war, Tianfu Mountain is the activity center of the Communist Party of China in Jiaodong peninsula. It is the birth place for the first people’s armed force in Jiaodong area.

In the Hall there are a plenty of precious revolutionary antiques, it is a crucial patriotism education base and forest park in Shandong Province.
Telephone number:0631—8681040
Tips: The entrance fee is 20 Yuan. About one hour drive from downtown Weihai, and it will take one and a half hours to visit the scenic spot. There has beautiful natural scenery, and it is a good choice to climb the mountain.

Mashi Mountain Massacre site
Mashi Mountain martyrs’ cemetery covers an area of 5.3 hectares. The revolutionary martyrs’ monument was built at an altitude of 467 meter on the top of the Mashi Mountain. The monument is 15 meters high, towering and majestic. The revolutionary martyrs’ memorial hall is located on the main peak of Mashi Mountain, the construction area is 330 square meters. It mainly exhibits text introduction and martyrs relics related to Mashi Mountain Massacre site.
Telephone number:0631—6384574
Tips: The entrance fee is 20 yuan. About one hour drive from downtown Weihai, and it will take one and a half hours to visit the scenic spot. The beautiful scenery and the nice orchard make the mountain a good place for outdoor activities.

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