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Weihai is a beautiful seaside city, and full of warmth, pure and romantic breath. It is a place that prone to come up and share romantic stories.

Coastal park
The long coastline draws a landscape painting. Weihai is wonderful place for wedding photography by its sunshine, blue sky and the sea, beach, sailing, and the particular straw house.

The flower arched door, flower chairs are specially designed for wedding photography. It has western-style carriage and coachman who are speaking Weihai dialect and wearing a tuxedo. Meanwhile, it has Chinese traditional sedan chair and bearers. All kinds of shooting style can be achieved here by its natural pure and beautiful atmosphere.

Tips: The best time for coastal wedding photography is between the sunrise and sunset. During this period, the light will be more natural and downy, as if in a romantic fairy tale world.
There is no charge for shooting natural scenery. However, drive carriage and carry sedan chair are payment services.

Huaxia City celebrating avenue
It is specially built for witnessing the couple’s love and record the most beautiful moment. The serpentine lover street is hiding in mountains with charming scenery. It is the first love theme scenic spot in China. From the Magpie bridge meet, to the longevity of the ancient philosophers on top of the Cui feng, the serpentine lover street witnessed the couples sweet love story.
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Tips: It will take at least one day for photography, and it should be paid attention to the weather report in advance. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for the wedding photography.

The whole route has a lot of stairs, and the wedding dress should be keep well and be safety-conscious.

Shipboard wedding ceremony

Qiaoxiang cruise will provide a colorful and romantic shipboard wedding ceremony.

The groom drives in north the most luxurious cruise to marry the bride. The groom and bride will stand on the silver cruise ship, blow the refreshing breeze, and watch the seagulls soar; put the love oath drifting bottle into the sea.

Under the auspices of the captain, in the blessings of relatives and friends and guests, with the blue sea and romantic cocktail party, flowers, music costumes…

Such an unforgettable wedding ceremony!

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Tips: The wedding tour routes from Weihai cruise ship dock, via Weihai Park, Gold top, Happiness Park, from south Liugong Island to the north. It will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Liugong Island and its coast.

On the ship there also has all kinds of characteristic performances; the guests will not feel lonely on the ship.

The couple could take photos at different times on the ship, and feel the romantic and artistic conception in the movie The Titanic.

Mongolian yurts lofty sentiments

Grassland is a green sea, the sea is blue grassland.
The bridal chamber is arranged in the Rushan country coastal tourist resort Mongolian yurts. It not only has roast whole lamb, koumiss, and Mongolia stringed instrument playing, at the same time also can enjoy the beautiful seaside scenery.

Tips: There are more than 100 Mongolian yurts. It could better to book a yurt in advance in the summer hot season. Each yurt one night will cost 380 RMB.

Romantic Hailv island tour
Hailv island is a small bird island, and there is no permanent residents live on it. It is kingdom of the sea birds. Especially in April each year, thousands of seabirds fly to here and have children on the island. Their songs can be heard from more than ten miles away.

It has couple house on the island. During the night, the island will be two people of the world without the boats.
Tips: It needs to take a boat to get on the Hailv Island, so the boating will be closed when the wind reaches level 5. Please pay attention to the weather report ahead of time.

Full house Romance
Wedding night is one of three most happiness moments in life. Such romantic night needs a romantic cabin. In Weihai, there are plenty of choices. It will fill life with more passion and more memorable moments. Young couple can celebrate their honeymoon;on the other side, senior citizens could revisit the old haunt once again.

Wedding in the seaweed house

The seaweed house is the most distinctive architecture in Weihai, and it is an unique architectural style in China. New couples could sit on the ondol and enjoy the big Jiaodong steam bread, stram corn bread and grilled fish. Relatives and friends are get together to celebrate the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony.

After the excitement ceremony, new couple can go over their happiness moments in the seaweed house.

Tips: The seaweed house is one of the most ecological buildings in the world. Thus, some of the houses have no electricity and use candle for lighting during the night, which need more attention to fire safety. It will get colder in the evening, be sure to keep warm and beware of mosquitoes in summer.

Spend a warm and sweet night in hot spring

After the night falls, you can enjoy a glass of mellow wine in the hot spring with your sweetheart under the twinkling stars all over the sky. Besides, you can look back your happiness moment in the luxury wedding suite.

Tips: The luxury suites are provided in both Tang bo and Tain mu Hot sping resort. Normally, it will cost 500 RMB per night for a wedding suite, and modern facilities are all available.

Travel in a solemn pledge of love
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