Sightseeing Bus

Thousand Miles Coastline of Happiness, which is from Huanhai Road to Binhai Road. Tourists can enjoy all the beautiful views of mountains, sea, forests and city of Weihai along these roads.

Tourists can not only enjoy the beauty of nature but also understand the spirit, culture and traditions of  Weihai better by taking sightseeing bus than others.

Happy Coastline is the name of the sightseeing bus route, which is 26 kilometers long with 11 stops in every famous scenic spots of Weihai, including tourist dock, Weihai Port, Haiyuan Park, Huanhai Road and Bathing Beach. There are 16 scheduled shifts per day.

There are two types of tickets for options:one-time ticket and daily tickets, which are 10 RMB and 20 RMB respectively.

One-time ticket can be used for double-way trip from starting station to ending station for once.

Daily ticket allows tourists to pay once but go on and off the bus at any station in one day, and take the next shift of bus for free.

Tel: 0631-5861399/5868199